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What is Madison Cawthorn Twitter Video controversy?

It’s a n*de tape of Madison Cawthorn viral on Twitter but you can watch it here on fnewshub .com.

Beset Republican Rep. Madison cawthorn answered Wednesday about the video tape that was spilled on the online entertainment and circled like fire about pushing his pelvis at a man’s head and he was totally n*ked.
The distributer of the video is American Muckrakers PAC, a political gathering that runs the Fire Madison Cawthorn site, which is in front of North Carolina’s May 17 essential.
No sooner Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit got viral Twitter according to WRAL.
David B. Wheeler, the leader of the PAC, said in an articulation that the video was passed to us by a previous ally of ‘Cawthorn however they are not ready to uncover the name.

The video shows Cawthorn, 26, shouting and reciting as he push against an obscure man’s face. It was a third individual who took the video and that the third individual apparently taking the video. The ambient sound is heard where individuals are giggling and telling Cawthorn to ‘stick it directly.’
Presently the Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit is viral and has perspectives on 66,567+ on Twitter.

‘Another hit against me dropped’, he tweeted on Wednesday night, as he was making sense of ‘Years prior, in this video, I was being coarse with a companion’, where I was attempting to be entertaining.
‘We just acted absurd and kidding’ he added.
‘I’m NOT withdrawing,’ he added: ‘I let you know there would be a dribble, trickle crusade.’
‘Coercion won’t win,’ Tweeted Cawthorn. ‘We Will.’

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