Why figura coleccionable de eren is trending on social media?

Figura de yor forger sin censura means yor forger figure uncensored.

Recently there has been a hot topic to be discussed among the anime-lovers as there have been two photos circulating on Twitter, one of the pictures being stripped of an anime and the other being an NFSW image.

The leading cause of controversy

The plot revolves around the fact that there is a war prevailing between the humans and Titans. For the betterment of humankind, the wall is constructed to protect humans. While the Titans destroy the wall and they start assaulting the humans. At the same time, the main character’s mother is consumed. Eren takes an oath to punish the Titans along with his mates. The controversy occurred due to the inflicting chaos due to the pictures of Eren and Mikasa revolving on the web.

At the end of the story

Figura de yor forger sin censura shall have an ending so that Eren shall be in a place to end the battle. Figura de yor forger has a good finish. There might be a conclusion to Mikasa and Eren’s story. The fans are expecting specific flashbacks and explanations to be provided.  Figura coleccionable de eren is trending on Twitter. The fans are too curious to know about Coleccionable de eren.

But still, the one who has created the anime is unknown regarding the controversy surrounding Twitter. The sequence was aired finale in April. And it is believed to proceed by 2023 leading to the finishing of the series. The final episode described the bond of friendship shared between the group members and Mikasa. Let’s hope that figura coleccionable de eren has the end which we all expect it to have.