Ant and Dec Split up? What happened to them?

Britain’s Got Talent auditions continued on Saturday, where the untimely break up for ant and dec split up happened where Ant was left raging in the wings after being snubbed.

As the show returned nearly after two years hiatus proves to be a real ratings winner for ITV, the hosts have once again played a pivot role in its success, as the viewers were lapping up in the backstage, reactions to their acts and were following up along with digs at the judges.

As long as one remembers, since their TV debut over 30 years on Byker Grove, Ant and Dec split up became the headline. As they have always come up as a pair specially on screen, so it was quite surprising when a BGT contestant split them and decide for their separation.

One of the early acts on screen during Saturday’s Britain Got Talent was entertainer Tommy J, who narrated the judges about he was going to juggle knives whilst riding a unicycle. When he arrived on stage and got done with his introduction, Tommy said: “so, I am looking for a volunteer. An intelligent man, dare I say, a sexy man.”

What happened to ant and dec split up then?

Then Simon Cowell raised his hand, Tommy said: Yes…it’s Dec!” As Dec was walking in from backstage, wheeling in his giant unicycle into shot, judge David Walliams pointed and shouted: “He can’t get on that!” Ant was very quick to react on that, looking at the camera and grumbling:” Just Dec by the way. Who arranged this?”  

Simon gave a quick buzz for Tommy to finish, before Ant did actually get to play a part in the routine by bringing some torch flamed with fire for tommy to contend with.

The judges were torn on whether to put Tommy through to the next round, with Simon and Amanda not impressed and Alesha matching with the Audience’s reaction and saying Yes, as did David.  

It was Amanda who admitted in the middle of the show, but no sooner Ant and Dec declared they love the act, Amanda declared: “We don’t do enough for Ant and Dec, so for them, it’s a Yes.”