Watch figura de pieck sin censura

figura de pieck sin censura- Mukasa also has a very similar figure to the Eren Jaeger which was viral for his ‘colossal titan’, and you also be able to swap her parts.

This was actually made through social networks, where some fans of her Attack on Titan pointing out to the community that was the protagonist’s companion and is also sold with suggestive poses.

The producer of the figure of Mikasa is Rosa Studios, and although we know that you would absolutely want to see the uncensored one, we will come with the softest image we have found. This figure of Mikasa can be with clothes or naked, or also would have interchangeable parts for looking as you see fit.

The measurements of figura de pieck sin censura are 43.7cm high and 25cm. wide with 27cm in diameter. So, make sure that you have good space while packing it. Inside the package you will find two heads, 3 upper body replacements, 2 pairs of leg, two swords and two bases.

What is the selling market of figura de pieck sin censura?

Similar to the figure of figura de pieck sin censura with this ‘colossal titan’, you will find it in the Fanatic Anime Store, although you will need quite some money. If you look for the complete kit you will need to pay $429 dollars, and that does not include taxes or any additional charges that can be added.

The bad news is that- right now at this moment they do not have any units available for sale, so you will need to search your own to check your luck. The actual purpose for using these small statues is not known, but at least a larger part of the reason is still known and that is people to keep it at their house.

Want to watch figura de pieck sin censura?

If you want to watch the figure of figura de pieck sin censura then follow the steps-

Step 1- Copy the link

Step 2- Paste it in your browser and click enter.

You will be redirected to the video page where you can see the video.