Gofundme Kevin Samuels Cause of Death Confirmed by Family

It was the renowned relationship expert Kevin Samuels passed away on Friday, Media took out report while was having a romantic encounter with a Caucasian woman he had just met. So, now we have some information about Kevin who often is known to be a “high value man” and that a woman needs to meet in a high bar to getting a main in this category.

But it seems like Kevin Samuels might have been broke!!!   

It was Media Take Out who spoke with one of Kevin’s friends who was always in touch with his family and claims that Kevin was deeply in debt. Her friends claim that Kevin’s family has been trying to identify all his assets and has only been able to identify less than $1,000.

Speaking with gofundme kevin samuels friends

Gofundme Kevin Samuels was one of the popular Black online mage consultants and extremely credited for coining the phrase “high value man.” The term high-value man is commonly referred to as a man of high financial and social state. The term only is not a new one or problematic in that society but it always has a high place for a wealthy man.

But Kevin used to swear by on one thing to troll black woman and used the term “high value man” to make them know that Black woman did not have the things that were required to get a man in that category.

On speaking with one of Kevin’s close friends- he said “Kevin was anything but a person with high value.”