Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Watch Bobrisky PA Oye Kyme Video leaked on Reddit

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The fans of Oye Kyme were amazed when she announced joining the adult industry and making indecent videos. Her videos and pictures, which she posts on social media, are unique and remarkable. She has a following of about one hundred seventy-four thousand followers. She is well known for her fight with Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky.

Oye Kyme hails from Ivory Coast. She is a social media sensation. Her estimated net worth is around $50,000 US dollars.

Oye Kyme Video Leaked and Viral

She is probably an attention seeker. In a recent interview, she expressed her desire to explore her career in acting and other professions. Also, she was seen in some music videos. Oye Kyme was recently spotted celebrating her first video release with her fans by carrying out inappropriate acts, including drinking water from the c@nd@m. This publicity move got her what she aimed for; that is, it started circulating on social media and hence was the most trending topic to be discussed among her followers. She is just 25 and has broken through into the celebrity stadium as a video between her and American Rapper Lil Wayne pops up. If the reports are believed, she was a former personal assistant of crossdresser Bobrisky. More information is yet not provided regarding the video.

But this video is accumulating mixed responses for people worldwide. She has also revealed that she is a Bobrisky fan and has tattooed Bobrisky name on her thigh. Also, it is known that Bobrisky promised her N1 million naira and flew her to Nigeria. Her recent video has caught her attention so that the people are hitting the search engine and trying to find the answers related to the video.

Watch Bobrisky Oye Kyme Video leaked by her ex bestie

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