What Happend to Tony Gates WLAV: Did He Pull From WLAV?

After certain pre-recorded shows running for many weeks, if rumours are believed, Tony Gates has been pulled off the website.
Considering the absence of Tony Gates from WLAV, the listeners are drilled and wondering about the cause.

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What happened to Tony Gates?

As the reports state, Tony was lastly present on WLAV on April 19th in his morning show. His co-host Michelle McKormick and Producer Travis Gibb accompanied him. But from 20 to April, with no official announcement released, there were prerecorded segments that ran. The absence of TONY Gates was suddenly noticed, and this led to caused chaos amongst the listeners. With no further announcement made, the prerecorded sessions continued for the next two weeks till the 29th of April.

Fans wonder if Tony Gates called the quits with the show, or was he fired?
If the sources are to be believed, the time after May 1st marks the complete absence of Tony Gates, which spectaculated the rumours that Gates was scrubbed from the digital properties of the radio station, which included the website followed by the social media accounts. There were specific questions raised by the observers, which is, was he too expensive?

The afternoon show host, Rob Brandt, appears to be filling in with the previous co-host, Michelle McKormick, and producer Travis Gibbs. Still, no official announcement has been made stating the replacement of Tony Gates.
Tony Gates was hired by Late Buchahan (also known as Uncle Buck ). Tony was hired as a host in 1974.
Tony Gates hosted it along with Kevin

Who is running the show presently?

Matthews and helped lead the station to gain numerous ratings wins in the late ’70s & early ’80s in a fledgling Grand Rapids radio market.
There are certain attempts made to reach out
to Atlanta-based Cumulus Media, the owners of WLAV, and questions regarding the speculation that Tony Gates has been pulled out from WLAV have been questioned, but there has been no response. And no official statement regarding Tony Gates exiting from the radio station has been made.
Also, specific comments are made on social platforms like Facebook regarding the absence of Tony Gates on the show, but either the words are being hidden or completely removed from the page.
Also, there was no social media post made by Tony Gates; his last post was posted on the 4th of April. There are mixed responses in the media regarding the absence of Tony Gates from the radio show. And that keeps the fans a bit astonished regarding when shell he be returning back or whether who shall be replacing him?