Jesus Mariñas Periodista dies at the age of 79

The latest disheartening news left the fans in a state of shock when they heard about the death of Jesús Mariñas.

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The legend Jesús Mariñas.

Where the transformation of the echoes of the society was turned into a place where irony and information existed, the name Jesús Mariñas shall always be on the top list.

The early life of Jesús Mariñas.

Hailing from a wealthy family in 1942, his first job was serving coffee in a local newspaper, but life took a turn when he decided to leave Barcelona. His first collaboration was with the magazine “Pronto”, and then his particular style of delivery of information became well known to everyone.
Whether it was about information about Royal affairs or some gossip about the celebrities, nothing remained hidden from Jesús Mariñas.
There was an inevitable hurdle in his path, too; he was put in charge of EncartaSánchez with the main cordilleras of the country. He had also encountered a backlash from Pantoja’s followers. But looking on the bright side, he was famous for his radio collaboration and his written columns, But the significantificantblooming of his career was made from the legendary program” Tombola”.

The cause of death.

Lately, he had bladder cancer and was admitted to San Rafael Hospital. His partner, Elio, accompanied him, who had been with him for 32 years.qi