A406 Accident Today: Crash involving a truck in both Directions

A406 accident today- The A406 North Circular has been blocked this morning (11th May) from both the direction as a Collison happened at M1J1 (staples Corner).

The congestion is back to Golden Green, past Brent Cross.

What happened in A406 accident today?

A flatbed truck is blocking the westbound side, while lanes two and three (of three) are also shut eastbound following a short hold just before 6 AM.

The Traffic is getting past via the roundabouts below.

Delays due to A406 accident today?

Hundreds of commuters are being delayed on their work and drivers are being advised to allow extra time for their journeys.

The traffic is moving slowly between J6 (M25) and J4 (A406/North Circular).

Any injury due to A406 accident today?

The Met Police have informed that no was injured during the collision.

A damaged lorry that was involves is still waiting for recovery.

Police informed- No injury has been reported only it is damaged and it is waiting for a speedy recovery at this moment.

What are drivers doing at A406 accident today?

The Drivers are reported queuing for more than an hour.

One man is found stuck near the queue near Wembley and Brent Cross for more than an hour and has a flight to catch at midday.

So, far-

  • The A406 accident today has blocked the A406 circular road in both the direction due to a collision at M1 J1 (Staples Corner).
  • Congestion is back to Golden Green, past Brent Cross
  • Traffic is passing through roundabouts below