The Montague Street Bridge Crash History

It’s been more than four hundred years that the montague street bridge crash is always an issue that is creating a mess in the city and that the problem is too expensive to fix. This had unyielded the paths of trucks, vans and buses and though it has hit hundreds of times, no actions have been taken to increase the gap between asphalt and overpass.

The clearance of this bridge is just three metres and the bridge is among the lowest on Victoria’s traffic network. It can be said notorious. Every few months, the montague street bridge crash is seen to crumple and create new challenges.

The unrelenting nature of these crashes has bought the structure of the city-wide fame and even its own website says the same.

Accident history of montague street bridge crash

It was a truck that hit just five days back before the lockdown was uplifted and it indicated that Melbourne city is finally into movement now.

Several factors have been blamed for drivers ploughing right into it, from a lack of attention to road signs to customers of a nearby rental business not understanding the height of their vehicle.

In the wake of a serious crash in 2016, when a coach smashed into the bridge that injured six people, then VicRoads chief executive John Merritt reported- “The cost of lowering montague street bridge crash and the reason would be investigated.”

Reasons why they are fixing it at once?

There are probably two possible reasons-

  • One is to lower the road that passes under the bridge
  • And the other one is to increase the height of the bridge itself

The standard minimum clearance of the bridge is 5.4 metres.

What about the issue of montague street bridge crash?

A fresh appraisal never took place as it was never an issue. When VicRoads looked back at multiple investigations into the bridge that were conducted over the years, they concluded it was not viable.

There were many engineering difficulties cited, that included underground tidal flows that are causing regular flooding if the road was lowered.

What does the state government have to say about montague street bridge crash?

As the state government has embarked on a multibillion-dollar program to remove level crossings, Mr. Morgan said the traffic chaos that caused by a Montague Street Bridge crash was well down on the list of priorities.

“If anyone hits that bridge with the top 100 millimetre of a van, even if it is every three months, that is not going to rate very highly,” he stated.

“So they would be looking to get a more cost-effective solution.”