Watch Aamir liaquat Video with Wife trending on the internet

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Aamir Liaquat  is a TV host and comic, as well as a Pakistani government official who made his profession in these fields and leading a pragmatic life. You may probably see him as a television anchor from the sources we got to be aware. Assuming we discuss his prevalence, he is among the 100 most well-known characters in Pakistan.

For the most part, he stood out because of his disputable remarks on a genius. He has been an individual from the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018. In the earlier year, he was an individual from the National Assembly from 2002 t0o 2007 and served his country as the Minister of State for Religious Affair from 2004 to 2007 in the bureau of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Currently his name is going viral on the internet due to some inappropriate content that he posted with his wife which we are going to discuss in this article in detail.

Aamir liaquat leaked video with wife

According to the reports, Dania and Aamir made wedding promises back in February this year. It has been around only four months and the couple is thumping on the entryway of the court. From the report it has been discovered that, Dania was the first among the two to move toward the court for a separation. Dania Shah is a well-known TV character and she is the third spouse of Aamir Liaquat. She has requested of Aamir for a separation, guaranteeing the legislator is entirely unexpected from what he shows himself on TV, she expressed, “More regrettable than Satan”.

While sharing Amir Liaquat’s personal relations with her better half and other individual things. At the point when we discuss Amir Liaquat’s own life and relationship with her better half are bad. Amir’s better half Dania said that he was not the one he showed up on TV and said her four-month union with him was only “torment” Dania guaranteed to him that her significant other used to keep her in a little room.

What did Aamir liaquat’s wife demanded in the court?

Dania not only demanded a separation case just however she has recorded different cases in family court. She said in her appeal that, she requested that the court request her husband i.e., Aamir liaquat to pay has more than Rs115 crore, house, and adornments. A meeting for the situation is planned for June 7 according to the authority announcement.

Wrapping up:

Individuals are keen on looking and getting to know more insights concerning this case, and a spilled video and Dania’s public interview. And that specific viral video added fuel to the fire across the internet. So until now we have covered details that this  the case has been recorded currently, and it would be clear just when the trial would come. Presently netizens need to hang tight for a period more. There is no evidence that the case by Dania on her significant other is valid or not. We will keep you updated.

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