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Fred Ward Death Cause and Obituary let’s have a look

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Reports have confirmed via Ward’s representatives that his cause of death is currently not known. Ward, who died on 8th May, wanted memorial tributes to be given to the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Centre. Let us know more about Fred Ward Death Cause and Obituary.

Fred Ward Death Cause and Obituary- Screen Credits

His screen credits included Tremors- his most well-known role, where he starred alongside Kevin Bacon- and Short Cuts, and for that he won a Golden Globe. He also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Miami Blues, United States of Tara, henry and June, and The Player.

 Ward appeared in the Second season of HBO’s True Detective, playing Eddie Velcro, played the role of a retired officer and father to Detective Ray Velcro (Colin Farrell). Ward previously had a recurring role in ER as the father of Abbey Lockhart (Maura Tierney) from 2006 to 2007. Ward continued acting until 2018, after that spent all his in painting.  

“Ward has played many heroes, each with a subtlety that removed them from the cardboard cutout figures that they could have been,” the Chicago Tribune’s Julia Cameron wrote of the actor in 1985. “In many ways, his work…can be viewed as a mediation on America’s notions of masculinity.”

Fred Ward got married to Marie-France Ward, with whom he had a son, Django.

His birth date is 30th December 1942

His death date is 8th May 2022 (age 79)

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