Kerala Shahana Model death: What happened to her?

Sahana’s husband Sajjad claimed that shed died by suicide but her family alleged that he would regularly harass her over money and other issues.

Sahana is a young model and a small-time actor from Kerala’s Kozhikode who recently celebrated her 21st birthday on Thursday, May 12. But none did her family know that their daughter was celebrating her last birthday and would end in tragedy.

Later at that night, around 1 AM, her family staying in Kasaragod district received a call about her untimely demise. It was May 13th; the police took her husband Sajjad into custody after Sahana’s family alleged that she was murdered.

shahana model death-what her mother says?

“My daughter would never die by suicide, she was murdered. She used to cry all the time saying they were torturing her. Her husband used to get drunk and abuse her. Her in-laws including her sister-in-law also used to torture her. So, I suggested her to move apart. Even after that the abuse won’t stop and her husband would ask money from her. The 25 sovereigns of gold that we gave her were also used. She wanted to her parents on her birthday.”

Sahana’s mother also alleged that- “Her husband would not let Sahana meet her family or invite them to the house.”

“She acted in a Tamil Venture and recently received some money for it. The couple were likely to have arguments over this”

shahana model death- what her husband claims?

Sahana’s husband says- “He found her dead inside the bathroom after that.” ACP Sudarshan claimed- “The police found a plastic rope in the bathroom.” “But we do not know if that is enough to die by suicide. Our investigation is ON.” He said they are not certain yet whether I is a case of suicide or not.  

shahana model death- what the owner has to say?

Sahana and Sajjad’s neighbour, who is also the owner of the house were staying in, and was the first one to notice that something was amiss. The house owner told that Sajjad shouted for help saying Shana was not responding. “When I went there, she was lying on his lap.” “He told us that Sahana was not responding and no sooner we called suggested to call the police. Police arrived and it was in their jeep that she was rushed to medical college.”    

Suhana’s brother too believes that it is a foul play in the circumstances of death. As he spoke to the media, he said the police first suspected suicide based only on Sajjad’s word. “Her body was on his lap when they came in. it is his claim that she died by suicide, why should we believe this?” Questioned her brother.