Travis Barker Plane Crash in 2008 History! Deaths & Survivals

It has been almost 13 years since the fatal accident took place which left Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker suffered horrific burns and battling PTSD.

Travis was abroad and the flight doomed on September 19,2008, along with his assistant Chris Baker, security guard Charles “Che” Still, his best friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein.

Both Baker and Still lost their lives, along with two pilots, on the Laerjet 60 which crashed shortly after take-off in South Carolina.  

His friend DJ AM died almost a year after the crash after overdosing as he failed to manage with the impact if the horrific event.

As the investigation started, the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) report attributed the accident to tire bursts during take-off and the pilot’s resulting decision to abort at high speed- that was not recommended for the aircraft.

In his memoir, Can I Say, Travis, who is dating Kourtney Kardashian, that described the aftermath of the tragic 2008 event, that included his battle with PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

This week, as Travis bravely embarked on a flight for the first time in 13 years, when we look back at the rocker’s bone-chilling account of that awful time.

travis barker plane crash- what happened on the flight?

Prior to boarding the plane, Travis recalled how a number of peculiar incidents took place. At that time, Travis was his on-gain/off-again wife and model Shanna Moakler who almost joined them on the flight for the trip.

She felt an unusual feeling at the last minute and she changed her mind and decided to stay back at home.

As per Travis, she decided to stay at home and look after the children in case anything happened and they did want to be for their children.

Travis recalled that Shana prophetically said: “Just in case something happens, I don’t want us both to be going.”

Also, he reported that his daughter Alabama, who was three years old at that time screamed: “The roof’s gonna come off, Dad, the roof’s gonna come off!”

Eerily changed her plans last minute.

After a show in Columbia, South Carolina, the groups’ original plan was to leave the next morning. Instead, they changed their mind and left that night.

Also, the rockstar wrote in his memoir how he called his dad before flying and said she had a “weird feeling” about the flight.

travis barker plane crash- the moment

Frightenly Travis opened up frankly about the moment the fright kicked in as he realized the plane was going down.

In the memoir I Can Say, he said the moment he started praying out loud.

Travis says DJ AM was asleep at that time of the crash and woke up to the rockstar screaming.

He claimed that it was just before the small plane went airborne crash and how he heard what he would describe as a “POW” noise.

Travis says the cabin filled with smoke, which quickly turned into fire.

The plane then took an immediate turn and jerked wildly in the air.