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What is Zeus and Chie Video Link controversy?

As of late, one of the significant web-based entertainment content makers named Chienna Filomeno is among individuals’ discussion and furthermore, she got a great deal of danger waves as netzines have cautioned her for posting outrageous video.

According to reports, the previously mentioned web-based entertainment star posted a video of her labeled a part named Zeus and subsequently she is getting these disdain and dangers. Since the outrageous video of Zeus has surfaced on the Internet, individuals are searching for site pages that would give them the nitty gritty data about zeus and chienna cctv film video.

Chienna Filomeno is a Kapamilya entertainer and furthermore she has been cautioned by an Internet buyer who is accessible under the name “Igbtquuu” for transferring a shameful video and labeling her kindred Zeus.

According to reports, Igbtquuu guaranteed that it was the clasp that showed what has occurred in the parking garage of ABS-CBN.

An individual web-based entertainment client tested Chienna Filomeno, “Dare, Kita Called everybody to CCTV from ABS-CBN. I will show CCTV film, sue me for this.”

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