Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Watch Zeus and Chienna CCTV footage Video

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Recently, one of the major social media content creators named Chienna Filomeno is among people’s talk and also, she received a lot of threat waves as netzines have warned her for posting scandalous video.

As per reports, the aforementioned social media star posted a video of her tagged a member named Zeus and as a result she is receiving these hatred and threats. Since the scandalous video of Zeus has surfaced on the Internet, people are looking for web pages that would provide them the detailed information about zeus and chienna cctv footage video.

zeus and chienna cctv footage video

Chienna Filomeno is a Kapamilya actress and also she has been warned by an Internet consumer who is available under the name “Igbtquuu” for uploading a scandalous video and tagging her fellow Zeus.

As per reports, Igbtquuu claimed that it was the clip that showed what has happened in the parking lot of ABS-CBN.

A fellow social media user challenged Chienna Filomeno, “Dare, Kita Called everyone to CCTV from ABS-CBN. I will show CCTV footage, sue me for this.”

zeus and chienna cctv footage video

To this- the Kapamilya actress quickly responded to the allegation. Chienna Filomeno denied to all the allegations levied on her by the bashers.

However, there were some supporters of her who supported her in this difficult phase.

She has almost more than 3 million followers on social media where she gained 2 million followers on Instagram.

If you want to have a look on zeus and chienna cctv footage video, please read along-  

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