Watch Sokoto Student Burnt Video trending on internet

It was Thursday that proved to be an extremely saddening day for the Nigerians as a tragic incident took place in Nigeria- Sokoto Student Burnt. Reports say that a Nigerian student was burnt to death as she was accused of posting a blasphemous and profane post on social media. As the news came out it created a buzz and people are extremely disturbed after listening to this news. As the matter is trending all over social media and news channel have decided to cover this story for our readers.

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In the upcoming columns, one will get to know about who killed the Nigerian student and the reason behind this contention.

As per sources, the incident took place on Thursday in Northwestern Nigeria. The victim was a girl who was a learner at Shehu Shagari College of Education located in Sokoto. Reports says that the bone of contention of the incident was a blasphemed or profane post made on Prophet Muhammad.

Police have confirmed that the claim and the reports are both same. But who killed the girl? Have police arrested them yet?

Let us find in the next section.


As per sources, police have taken two learners into their custody for suspiciously being involved in the incident. Meanwhile, the investigators are probing the matter by taking help of the school. Is the identity of the victim revealed yet? Yes, the identity of the victim has been released by the Police.

The victim was identified as Deborah Samuel who was burnt to death on Thursday. This case has prompted the people to outrage.

Nigerians are still in shock as the horrible incident made sure that it is going to take time to fade away from the brains of people. This matter has bought serious conflict about the religions among the Nigerians.

Also, there is a chance of having a communal violence in the country for this incident. But the authorities are taking essential steps for restricting any kind of violence in the city.