Simon Diffey accident: Simon Diffey Buggati Car Accident Footage

It is a real tough time for Simon Diffey fans to know that Simon Diffey accident happened that took away his life. This news spread like fire and gained huge attention from people. This has left the people in huge shock. People were so shocked to know about this sad news.

Yes, the answer is right Simon Diffey accident and he is no more. This news is creating a buzz on the Internet and people have several questions related to the accident. His fans are curious to know about what happened exactly with him and wants to seek information about the incident.

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Details on Simon Diffey accident

He had held a membership in the Classic Car Club and has hosted the Arundel Cup, Glover Cup, and Howthorn Cup from 2015 to 2021. He had also participated in 22 professional races and also completed 7th in the 2021 Brookland Cup as per

The sad news of his demise has surfaced online and that he left the last weekend when he collided with ambulance on the road.

Who was Simon Diffey?

Reports suggests that Simon Diffey death has been confirmed by Twitter PR manager James Gilbert, stating- “It is extremely sorrowful and heart-breaking that he was a very happy and funniest man, he has ever met and was also a man of golden heart.”

The comment box is flooding with messages and prayers for the respected and famous vintage racer in the world.

Simon Diffey- how did he die?

More about Simon Diffey accident and death have not been stated by the media but his well-wishers are praying final condolences.