Watch Twitter @elvericallero15 Viral Video of Mass Shooting

Twitter @elvericallero15 – If you have been consistently on Twitter you might have come across a trending video tagging Twitter buffalo shooting live stream footage where a shooter with a gunshot a fire at a supermarket in buffalo New York. This has been going crazy viral because the main motive behind this action from that fellow is stated as the ‘hate crime and motivated violent extremism’. However many of them posted their heartfelt condolences in which this account on Twitter @elvericallero15 also share his message.

Watch Twitter @elvericallero15 Viral Video

What this user at Twitter @elvericallero15 has to talk about this incident?

There is a account in Twitter with 60 following and 8 11 followers. This person’s bio describes “the sincerity”. As per the bio this user believes in tweeting incidents that is happening currently all around the world.  So the person came forward and spread his word regarding buffalo shooting live stream footage on Twitter. It is what the person has to say about this horrifying incident.

The user tweets that “This Saturday 10 people died and 3 were injured in a shooting perpetrated and broadcast on the Twitch platform by an 18-year-old subject in the city of Buffalo-New York, who declared himself a White Supremacist and Anti-Semite”.

The person also shared the link of that video.

Link –

How Twitter reacted to this video?

Twitter is a platform where people usually use it to make things viral it might be pictures or videos. So when this buffalo supermarket live stream video happened, the news spread in a moment everybody were aware of it.

After all everybody is a part of one internet and one platform i.e., Twitter. However Twitter has made strides in recent years but if the video goes against the guidelines it will remove the content or videos faster. But this video made its way and still trending over the Twitter.

Bottom line:

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