Watch Supermarket Shooting live Stream Reddit- Watch it

As per Twitch, a gunman in a mass shooting that murdered ten people at a supermarket in buffalo, New York, live streamed the crime.

supermarket shooting live stream reddit

The authorities claimed that an 18 years old white guy opened a fire at a store in a mostly black neighbourhood that killed ten people and injured three officials. The officials claimed that 11 out of 13 victims shot are African-American.

So, the video despite being shutdown by Twitch continues to circulate on Twitter with accounts like Traci Young Fant and Kev putting it up.  

supermarket shooting live stream reddit

This is not the first time Twitch, that is owned by Amazon, has been used to broadcast a mass shooting. Many people watched a Twitch live stream of a synagogue massacre in Germany before it was taken down in 2019.

The New York city governor Kathy Hochul held a news conference on Saturday evening, condemning the gunman’s use of social media networks. Still, she did not mention the name Twitch.

Also, she implied that all sites that allowed the suspect to propagate his racial hatred message were involved in his crime.

Let us see supermarket shooting live stream reddit in details-

The social media has got flooded with violent comments and made it difficult for corporations to keep up with it. Resulting, some praised Twitch’s performance while other condemn it.

The firm did not answer immediately about whether the firing was still on after the Livestream was not hasn’t been confirmed.

The front footage was shot from the point of view of the shooter as he drove into the Tops store parking lot. As we pull up the front of the business. The gunman is visible in the rearview mirror wearing a helmet.