ANDREW ROSINDELL ARRESTED: Tory MP Arrested on Rape Charges?

This has been announced that the Tory MP named Andrew Rosindell arrested. We have posted in our previous about a Tory MP who was accused of sexual offences and has been arrested. He is behind the bars right now.

Yes, the news is true and the metropolitan Police department has also confirmed the same.

Andrew Rosindell arrested who is a conservative MP for Romford but dark clouds have surrounded him from all directions due to which he is being interrogated by the Police.

Read along to know more about the Andrew Rosindell arrested.

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Andrew Rosindell arrested

Tory Chief whip has banned the conservative MP for the suspicion of multiple sexual offences. For past few days reports said that an unnamed Tory MP was found watching p*rnography in the house of the member while he was sitting next to a woman MP. And when identified that MP turned out to be Andrew Rosindell.

Andrew Rosindell was facing serious allegations for watching inappropriate content in the house of commons while sitting next to the MP.

As per sources, the Metropolitan Police is probing the matter and arrested Andrew Rosindell on 17th May 2022. The arrested MP is not allowed to attend the Parliament till further notice. A spokesperson for the Conservative Whips Office said Andrew Rosindell would not be ordered to attend the House of Commons until further notice.   

Why Andrew Rosindell arrested?

Andrew Rosindell is a conservative MP who was appointed for the Romford constituency of Greater London in 2001. Andrew Rosindell is the chairman of the Heraldry Committee and All-Party Parliamentary Flags. Also, he sits on the UK’s APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group).     

The Tory will remain in Police Custody until the investigation is under progress. The Metropolitan Police department has already liaised with the Tory Whips and Commons authorities.