Mark Francios Arrested? Tory MP Arrested Name Rumours

MARK FRANCOIS ARRESTED- Metropolitian Police Department made several arrests of Tony MPs recently. One of the famous arrests MPs the multiple arrests is the arrest of Mark Francois that got highlighted.

Mark Francois is an elected MP for Rayleigh and Wickford. Mark Francois had the authority to sit in the British prior to his arrest news as now he has been banned to visit the Parliament until further notice. Now Twitter and other social media platforms have been flushed with queries that is related to this news.

To clarify every query related to Mark Francois’s arrest we have got the article where most of the information regarding the arrest have been confined.

Mark Francois arrested

Ever since he was was arrested news broke on the Internet netizens are showing utmost interest in this matter. The news has taken over the internet completely and each one is talking about the Tory MPs arrest news. The Metropolitan Police have arrested him on Tuesday and right now he is behind the bars.

As per reports, the Tory MP was apprehended on suspicion of sexual assault, misuse of position of trust, incident assault, rape and misconduct in public office. These allegations were enough for the Metropolitan Police department to put him behind the bars.

Reason why Mark Francois arrested?

As it has already been mentioned that MP was arrested and is right now not allowed to attend the meetings of the Parliament until further notice. Mark Francois has been restricted from attending the House of Commons. However, Metropolitan Police have refused to release any information about the identity of the arrested Tory MP but social media users are sure about his arrest and the Tory is none other than Mark Francois.

Assault allegation on Mark Francois

Mark Francois is a Conservative Party MP who is chairing the position since 2001. He is serving Rayleigh and Wickford. And people are sure about Rayleigh and Wickford are the culprit who is facing serious allegations of rape and sexual assault. The accused MP is in a relationship with Olivia Sanders, a radiographer.              

Reports say, his girlfriend Olivia Sanders is a woman who is still working as a radiographer even after the arrest of his boyfriend.