Tuesday, June 28, 2022

What is Safa Trending Twitter? Who is Siapa Safa yang!

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The names of Safa and Sabrina are now being discussed by netizens on Twitter because they are fighting.

Safa’s feud with Sabrina began with Safa’s tweet which was considered rude and disrespectful for insulting a Korean boy band, NCT.

Safa was then asked to apologize by Sabrina by uploading a video featuring an apology on a stamp and signed by her parents.

Safa also refused because he considered it a privacy and would only take him to legal action by Sabrina’s side.
Sabrina also said that her party would report Safa to the police, even saying that her party could transfer or demote Safa’s parents who are members of the police.

Sabrina herself calls herself 29 years old, a human rights activist, has a younger brother who is a police officer and the older sister of her future husband is a police chief.

This then made the atmosphere in ‘Safa Space’ uncontrollable, and made netizens highlight the two.

Link – https://bit.ly/3G88AX9

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