lola flora ang probinsyano scandal explained

lola flora ang probinsyano- Recently, two prominent figures named Lola Flora and Cardo Dalisay became too popular in the Philippines. Lola is famous in the Probinsyano story. She is Cardo Dalisay’s breadwinner and Delfine Santillan’s sister. They are famous for their scandals.

But that does not mean that they are involved in every scandal. No, not at all. It is true that whatever the scandal they have done, everything they do is for their motto, their needs and also for their money.

At times, it too happened that they killed people in order to run their scandals or sometimes not. They use fear to run their scandals too. They firstly paly like normal but later on start to play their trick.

What is lola flora ang probinsyano scandal?

Cardo Dalisay was compelled for leaving his peaceful life in the province for playing Dominador de Leon, an estranged twin whose death occurred in the line of duty as a police officer. Ricardo was asked to take his brother’s place for finishing the job and bringing his assailants to prison, a family of kidnappers and drug lords.       

No sooner the drama’s early episodes started showing strong sense of justice, Filipino audiences instantly warmed up to it. Also, the other characters who has strong family value included Lola Flora, Cardo’s grandmother, Carmen, Cardo’s police colleague.

Next to the Sapang Bato Mission, Flora’s Garden was ready to launch. Both the President and Lily were invited and accepted their invitations.

lola flora ang probinsyano- scandal details

Gina and Bart have become envious of Lola Flora. They planned of creating a system for announcing to the audience that competing restaurants with a different theme, giving good quality of food, and also providing great entertainment will definitely catch the audience.

Cardo will be elevated as per President Hidalgo. Dante and his men had followed Cardo up to his house, aiming to harm Cardo’s family too which is unbeknownst to them all.

While the restaurant was opening- on the opening day, he followed his plan out by detonating a grenade that caused huge chaos. Luckily, Cardo was able to safely hurl the grenade into a big, empty parking lot, and avoided all injuries.

lola flora ang probinsyano- age?

When speaking of lola flora ang probinsyano age- Lola Flora is a grandmother played by Susan Roces in Probinsyano. She was born in Jesua Purification Levy Sonora on July 28th 1941. She is Ricardo Dalisay’s breadwinner and Delfin Santillan’s sister. Boraja continues to defend the planet despite her advanced age.

She reintroduces her archival Gina Magtanggol to her incarcerates right after removing her from the series. You will get more information on following this site.