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Paige Vanzant leaked- Paige Vanzant is now doing what she wanted to do and she is getting paid a huge amount of money for that.

After her exit from the UFC in 2020, the 27-year-old fighter signed a lucrative contract for joining the roster at BFFC for starting her bare-knuckle fighting career. Immediately, she recently signed a long-term deal with All Elite Wrestling to begin her journey in professional wrestling.

Paige Vanzant leaked is the term searched for her to know details about her. Vanzant also launched her own premium content website, of course, that has only added to the overall financial success she has discovered in the two years since her exit from the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

Paige Vanzant leaked- what she has to say?

“I could retire tomorrow and be financially free, and my kids would be pretty close to being financially free,” Vanzant said on The Fighter vs The Writer.

Vanzant is very quick for giving credit to the UFC for helping to serve as a launching pad for her career, just because of that where she became a household name, through her fights with the promotion.