What was Stacey park milbern disability: How Stacey park milbern Died?

Stacey Park Milbern disability- Stacey Park Milbern was a Korean-American, queer, disability justice activist. A dynamic leader, she advocated for people of colour and trans and gender-expansive individuals to be included in the mainstream disability justice movement.

It was her 33rd birthday, May 19th, 2020, Stacey passed away. But her vision and message for a more inclusive world lives on through her close friend and business partner Andraea LaVant.

Before Stacey’s passing, she and Andraea started their dream collaboration with Google’s Brand Accessibility team to drive a lasting cultural shift toward a more accessible world- a partnership that is still going strong.

On her 35th birthday, homepage with a vibrant Google Doodle- created by great illustrator Art Twink in collaboration with Andraea and Stacey’s family.

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Celebrating the disability revolution Stacey Led

Stacey’s close friend Andraea LVant is a black disabled woman and is also the founder and president of LaVant Consulting. She helps us to remember Stacey by sharing how she challenged the way the world views and values disabled people.

Stacey was committed to grassroots activism. She firmly believed that we need to save ourselves, but that did not come from a sad place. She emphasized that we do for our community should be created by the community, as no one else knows our needs like we do.

Self-identifying as “your everyday queer Korean girl from the South,” Stacey truly uplifted intersectionality and connected those of us who often felt so siloed.

Stacey Park Milbern disability- DJCC

The Disability Justice Culture Club (DJCC) was the epitome of all she stood for when it came to multiply marginalized communities. Stacey’s home in East Oakland, CA, was the club’s centre and gathering place for the disabled queer.