Who is Rowena Moran? Lovi Poe’s mother Cause of death Revealed

Rowena Moran- The Kapuso primetime actress Lovi Poe actress got her beauty from her family. We all know her as the daughter of Filipino movie king Fernando Por Jr., who died in December 2004.  But not many people know that Lovi has an equally beautiful mother whose name is Rowena Moran, who used to be in show business.

Lovi Poe started her showbiz in the year 2006 when she was handpicked by an international singer duo named “Same Same” to perform with them the song “Without You. That same year, she also got her breakthrough in the acting scene when she was chosen to play the coveted role of Kristal Maisog, daughter of the lead character “Bakekang,” played by actress Sunshine Dizon.”

Rowena Moran- Movies

She is also seen in shows and films such as The One That Got Away, Someone To Watch Over Me, Mulawin Versus Ravena, Yesterday’s Bride, Legacy, Beautiful Strangers, The Significant Other, The Escort, Temptation Island, My Neighbour’s Wife, Thy Womb, and many more.

The 31 year old Kapuso star is the daughter of the late action star and cinema legend “Da King” Frenanado Poe Jr., which is also why this beautiful woman has some amazing genes running through her body. But aside from her father, the Kapuso actress also got the good looks of her beautiful mother, with some saying that she is a carbon copy of her mom.

About Rowena Moran

Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe was born on February 11th 1989. She was one of the children of the late action superstar Fernando Poe Jr. with commercial model/former actress Rowena Moran.

Lovi Poe’s birthday must her mom Rowena have been truly touching. In her IG put up, she generally called her “Supergirl”: “Want to be the first to post happy birthday to my supergirl mom! I love you to the moon and back from your two kulits.”

Before our eyes, Love Poe has become among the many greatest and most proficient actresses of this expertise. In 2014, Lowe entered the showbiz as a singer. But what of us do not know is the two most significant women of their lives are merely as lovely as they are.