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Azahriah palacsinta fesztivál – The success story of Azahriah, or Paul Street, is a bloody ‘self made’ story. He himself learned to play music (playing the guitar, singing, sound mixing) and vlogging and conquered millions on YouTube. The young guy has been uploading videos since he was 12 years old, his channel named Paul Street, which pays homage to the boys on Paul Street, ran on the platform with mysterious vlog posts.

Attila Baukó, or, as most people know, Azahriah, with whom his social media became louder on Saturday morning than the concert atmosphere on Saturday morning, performed on stage with his band at the Szolnok Pancake Festival.

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Azahriah palacsinta album:

YouTuber has been playing guitar since he was a child, and at the end of 2017 he also started to take text writing and audio mixing more seriously. By 2019, it had already made its own appearances, at which time the Azahriah profile was born.

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A whole generation spun on mostly English-language songs – hundreds of thousands of streams platforms and millions of views on YouTube. The singer released her debut album in 2020 – eight of her own compositions debuted on the album “Weewm Worse,” including the hit “Fufuflex”. The forerunner of the next album is the song “RÉT”, which was written in Hungarian in an unusual way from the singer, and in a few weeks conquered digital platforms.

Azahriah started 2021 with the song “4K LOVE,” which is about the challenges of a relationship with and without you. The singer’s next “aight” track became a fresh, spring song, which is the second album to be released.

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A shocking story of Azahriah on his community page:

The singer performed with her band at the Szolnok Pancake Festival on Friday. But this time it wasn’t the concert that was interesting. A hidden camera footage was taken in which Azahriah had intercourse with one of his fans behind the scenes. Something like this happens to musicians, although it seems rather immoral, especially since the singer has a girlfriend anyway. Only he was abroad during that time.

Azariah responded to the online recording, which reached our editorial office and shows everything on its community page.

“Here is the story: Szolnok Pancake Festival, twentieth, I came up on the stage yesterday, we went down, we celebrated, Bombay in our hands, we drank all the time and we celebrated that the album was out.

Then two more girls came in, they sewed them up, and then I took one behind the toilet in Toito.

I don’t think that’s a big deal for me, I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t care so much about the video. What is much, much more painful in the whole thing is that I had a woman who was waiting for me and would have come back in a week and a half, and I regret that because she is a golden man and did not deserve anything like that, to get this now, and from the internet. So I spoiled this and because of that, I regretted it. ” Azahriah confessed.

Watch Azahriah Palacsinta fesztivál Video

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