Watch Aksu Student Video leaked On Twitter & Reddit

Aksu student video As per sources, Idara, AL Gora got hooked up with an unidentified guy and the guy recorded their “int*recourse moment.” The video shows that she was aware of the moment when the video was getting recorded.

It was reported that the guy who has s*x with AL Gold in the video was the one who shared the video with his friends, and later on, it got leaked on Twitter.

The lady in the video was known to be a 200-level student of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU).. It starts with the guy who places the recorder first which is believed to be a mobile phone. Then the lady was waiting patiently on a surface while he was preparing for the video. Then they kneeled with four arms on the bed while the bedsheet was white in color.

Aksu student video- Who is the lady?

Twitter users, confirmed that the girl in the video’s name is Idara and her nickname is Al Gold. She is reportedly a 200-level student of Akwa Ibom State University.

As of now, the name and the social media handle of the young guy who f*cked Idara have not been established yet. More information about the video is being searched.

As per reports, the young guy had sold the s*xtapes to Idara’s former friend for the sum of N2,000 only.

Aksu student video- What the Twitter users has to say?

Is this some sort of blackmail? As it obviously looks like one. The first user alleged that the boy in the video is actually a dropout of Akwa Ibom State University.

The Twitter user writes: “I know he lives across my sister’s house he is a dropout student of AKSU.”

Another hidden Twitter user alleges: “The hediot boy sold the tape for just 2k to Idara’s ex-friend..”

You can check the video by visiting the link Also, you can check the link