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What is Rogena77 Twitter Video?

It is the Twitter video of a kidnapper who kidnapped a lady and shot the video in a car. He is beating her cruelly, and she is crying out loud and asking for help. The video could be dist*rbing to watch for many of you.

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About Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is exceptionally dynamic on Twitter nowadays, additionally it appears to be that he is enamored with answering routinely to a Pune-based Indian Software designer, Pranay Pathole, who is working for Tata Consultancy Services.
On Monday, in a tweet Mr Musk said that he isn’t running Mr Pathole’s Twitter account. Mr Pathole tweeted, “Many individuals imagine that @elonmusk runs my Twitter account. What’s more, it’s TRUE. He’s a very bustling person, building rockets, making life multiplanetary, building advanced electric vehicles, digging burrows. Also, some way or another he sets aside opportunity to run different Twitter account. Indeed “.

In light of the tweet, Mr Musk answered, “Haha I don’t for even a moment have a burner Twitter account! I truly do have a messy mystery Instagram account, so I can tap on joins that companions send me.”

Mr Pathole has more than 1.6 lakh supporters on Twitter. Mr Musk and Mr Pathole are companions on Twitter.

Mr Musk is frequently spotted answering to Mr Pathole’s tweets.
Twitter reported a report on May 20 that will incredibly work on the experience of outsider Twitter applications. This gives engineers considerably more admittance to the converse sequential timetable.

This update to Twitter’s as of late delivered API v2 is the connection point that designers use to pull information from Twitter, another progression for Twitter on its excursion to all the more likely help engineers.

As Twitter notes in its declaration post, the new API v2 include gives designers a method for recovering the latest Tweets and Retweets posted by the confirmed client and the records they follow. All in all, an engineer can request to see the information that Twitter shows you when you load up the first-party application with the ‘Most recent Tweets’ choice chose, so their application can show it to you all things considered, according to The Verge.

This component is an exceptionally welcome one for outsider clients like Tweetbot. One of Tweetbot’s designers, Paul Haddad, cited in a Twitter declaration that the prior method for getting a client’s course of events is one of our most usually utilized API calls. The more established variant of the API was presented in 2012, where designers who utilized it were confronting limits while attempting to get a client’s timetable.

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