Elithia Ramirez : Know about Texas School Shooting Victim

Elithia Ramirez- Ryan Ramirez is the father of the fourth grade Elithia Ramirez showed up at the elementary school after hearing about a shooting that killed several people in Uvalde, TX.

Ryan Ramirez is a resident of Uvalde, Texas who works at Osmose Utilities Services, Inc as a foreman. He is also COV at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Now, Elithia Ramirez father is in the limelight as he is searching for his daughter Elithia Ramirez who is a fourth grader at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

As it is evident from the news that the shoot took place at the Robb elementary school that killed 19 children and 2 adults. The guardians are still looking for their kids who had not been accounted for sharing. And Ryan Ramirez is one of them who is searching for his daughter.

Here is the link to Her Father’s Facebook Post

Who is Elithia Ramirez?

Elithia Ramirez is the daughter of Ryan Ramirez who was studying in Robb elementary school at Texas. Recently, his father Ryan Ramirez posted on his Facebook and captioned. “Trying to find my daughter Alithia. I called all the hospitals and nothing.”

So, comments flooded on his post and people are praying for him to find his daughter soon after the recent incident that happened in her school.