Major Bekezulu Arrested: Major mfesane bekezulu caught by Police?

Major bekezulu arrested- It was the month of April on 21st, a woman was found dead in her car named Singwa Namhla Mtwa. Since then, police are searching for the matter and investigating relentlessly for the suspect and investigating this case by following very minor aspects linked with the victim.

It has been more than a month since Mtwa was found dead and as of now, no prime suspect has been arrested by police. But all of a sudden, the charges fell on Mtwa’s boyfriend for killing her. Mtwa’s boyfriend whose name is Major bekezulu has been seen with suspicious eyes.

Who is Major bekezulu?

Major Mfesane Bekezulu is a businessman from Eastern Cape and he denied every allegation and said that there is no connection between him and Mtwa’s murder case. The victim that was found dead on 21st April 2022 whose age was 35 years old. Her full name was Singwa Namhla Mtwas, she was a Tambo municipal worker.               

As per reports, the suspect was shot nine gunfires when he was in the car. The murder of Mtwa took place at Mthatha residence located in Sidwadawa. As of now, nobody has been charged as a result of the murder case.

Major bekezulu arrested- beaten

Police haven’t suspected any prime murderer yet in this case. But as per reports her long term boyfriend Major Mfesane bekezulu killed her as she showed her desire to end this abusive relationship.

But the boyfriend denied all the allegations and claimed that he is not involved in any way in the 35 years old murder case. Major bekezulu is a financial advisor from Eastern Cape.