Robb Elementary School Shooting, People condemn act on Twitter

Robb elementary school twitter- One gunman killed at least 19 children and two adults on Tuesday in Robb elementary school. The state police officials confirmed. They said that Robb elementary school twitter incident is the deadliest incident that happened in America. The same massacre took place about a decade ago at Sandy Hook elementary.

The gunman was identified as an 18 years old man who had attended a nearby high school, and was armed with several weapons, officials said. He also died at the scene.  

“He shot and killed horrifically, incomprehensibly,” Gov. Greg Abbott said in a news conference.

Robb elementary school twitter- parents

The parents were extremely terrified in Uvalde and waited for word of their children’s safety and law enforcement officials said to piece together how the attack had transpired, the mass shooting was deepening a national political debate over gun laws and the prevalence of weapons. Ten days earlier, one gunman fatally shot 10 people inside a buffalo grocery store.

Robb elementary school twitter- What Residents has to say?

The residents of Uvalde said- “This is just evil,”- said Ray Chapa. Mr. Chapa said his nephew was in the school when the shooting took place but was safe. He was waiting to hear back from relatives and friends on the conditions of other children, scrolling through Facebook for updates. “I am afraid I am going to know a lot of these kids that were killed.”

Robb elementary school twitter- What Mr. President said?

In a brief address from the White House on Tuesday night, President Joe Biden showed grief on the attack and called for action, but did not advocate for any vote.

He said- “It is just sick, the availability of these sort of weapons in the United States and using in mass shootings are unacceptable.”    

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