Salvador Ramos obituary: Texas school shooter death

Salvador Ramos obituary- The 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos opened fire at a Texas elementary school, killed at least 19 kids and two adults, bought two assault rifles on his birthday, and appeared to send some ominous Instagram messages just hours before the massacre.

When asked by people Salvador Ramos was described as a quiet person as known by people. It was a young woman who worked with him at Wendy’s until March detected an aggressive streak. Many former friends said that he had stopped showing up at school and was going to graduate with the senior class this year.

Salvador Ramos obituary- What do his co-workers have to say?

“He would be very rude towards the girls sometimes, and one of the cooks, threatening them by asking, ‘Do you know who I am?’ And he would also send inappropriate texts to the ladies.”- Said one of his co-workers who refused to say her name.    

Salvador Ramos obituary- What his Former friend has to say?

Salvador Ramos’s former friend Santos Valdez Jr., told to the Washington Post that the two had been very close friends until Ramos’ behavior started to “deteriorate”.

He added- Ramos, was often bullied over a speech impediment that included a stutter and lisp, and hence he once cut up his own lips with a knife just for fun.

Valdez said that- “He was first scratched by a cat and then admitted he had done it himself. Later on, he admitted the truth that he cut himself with a knife. Later on, he said that he would cut his face over and over again with knives.”

Another friend told the paper that he used to egg people’s cars and shoot random strangers with a BB gun from a car.

Salvador Ramos- grandmother

On Tuesday morning, Salvador Ramos obituary took a new turn on knowing that he shot his grandmother, and later on, crashed his car near Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. Police perused him as he was running into the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle, said Texas officials.

“No sooner he made entry into the school than he started shooting children, teachers, whoever was there on his way, he shot everyone.”- said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez.  

Salvador Ramos obituary- Instagram

Salvador Ramos obituary

Earlier this Tuesday an Instagram account appeared which is supposed to be his only sending direct messages to a teenager in Los Angeles, telling her he wanted to share a “lil secret,” as the screenshots shared by a recipient, who said she barely knows Ramos and tagged by him in photos of guns before.

Salvador Ramos obituary

He said he would text the person in an hour and she would have to respond, but she said she might not be awake. His last words that he wrote were, “Ima air out.”