Dui Guy on Twitter: Meet this American Lawyer

Dui Guy Twitter- This is the term that went viral all over the Internet. Dui Guy is a prominent trial lawyer whose Twitter posts related to Johnny Depp’s trial are going viral. Dui Guy, whose real name is Larry Forman, is a young active lawyer from Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

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About Dui Guy Twitter

The real name of DUI Guy is Larry Forman who is the CEO of Forman and Associates and a trial attorney specializing in wrongful death, auto accident and criminal law. His age is 30 years old and is born on 5th May.

Does this Guy’s Twitter work?

DUI Guy is a famous trial attorney and is a renowned lawyer specializing in car accidents, wrongful death, and felony laws. His latest tweets focus on the case that involves Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

If you are a fan of his work or just want to know more, you can follow them on Twitter. The Twitter account of the DUI also includes his videos, so you watch them at your leisure.  

Why is Dui Guy Twitter famous?

The DUI Guy is Larry Forman, who also has a YouTube channel. He is very regular in sharing videos regarding recent deaths, trial news, and appreciable proof. His threads are generally very informative and feature trending messages from celebrities. You can follow them too. This Guy has over 65k followers on Twitter and has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers.

Dui Guy Twitter

The DUI Guy recently wrote in his tweets “When Johnny says that Whitney had wine thrown in her face, she gets a note passed to her by the woman sitting next to her from that firm I mentioned earlier.”