Watch Akwa Ibom State University Student Viral Video

Akwa Ibom state university student viral video-This keyword is trending with one video that is trending on social media and here we are to make you know more about this subject. As per reports, this video was first uploaded on Twitter and from there it also went viral on many other major platforms. You may find many posts related to Aksu tape. Since then, the name came heard through social media netizens are seeking detailed information about the news.

Akwa Ibom state university student viral video        

Now it’s been over a week that this subject has become a matter of discussion. But do you know what matters are making the topic more famous? Let us know more about the matter.

One can be seen having a feud between an ex-boyfriend and the current boyfriend of a girl who is a student at Akwa Ibom University. The two are involved in a brawl and throwing hands at each other. Some rumors are claiming that this viral tape was uploaded by the appearance of a school student but not by the boyfriend of the girl.

As per sources, @Favouritecoco is the username of the user who started this clip-on social media at first but after uploading this video it has been shared ample times.

The details about the current and ex-boyfriends of the schoolgirl are not known to us. But her current boyfriend’s name is not known. It is also not known that the current boyfriend is taking revenge on the ex-beau of the girl.

The controversial video has accommodated people’s attention and shifted their concern toward Akwa Ibom university. If you want to watch Akwa Ibom state university student viral video then put this keyword and search this. Here you can know everything about the video.

Watch Akwa Ibom State University Student Video

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