Jayne Valseca Obituary: How did jayne valseca died?

Jayne Valseca obituary the news is surfacing the internet with people eagerly waiting to know what the actual matter is. Eduardo Valseca’s wife, Jayne Velseca, is an actress who, along with her husband, falls into a kidnapper’s trap that changes her life forever.

Eduardo got kidnapped and returned home after seven and a half months, looking exactly how he used to be. He found his way to get to home after his kidnappers sent him elsewhere and only gave him money and food.

The man was having difficulty for walking, weighed about 80 pounds and had liver problems too. Additionally, the gunshot got wounded and also, he had a broken rib.    

Jayne Valseca obituary wiki

Jayne Valseca was born on September 5, 1966 in Silver Spring, Maryland, near Washington, DC. After her high school was completed, she attended the University of Maryland. Before that she decided to get into acting and make her career in acting. In order to her goals, Jayne lives in New York and Los Angeles, California.

Jayne Valseca obituary- role

She has minor roles in soap operas and films like “Loving” and “Stella.” She had decent success and appeared in many commercials. Eduardo and Jayne met in a Maryland grocery store parking lot in 1992.

Eduardo was an art dealer and investor at the time, while Jayne was in real estate. They started dating and soon fell in love.

What happened to Jayne?

Jayne revealed that she has been battling her personal issues. She is battling stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer.

She also said that Eduardo’s cancer had returned less than two weeks after he returned home, and this time it was incurable. She was treated and her relatives helped her a lot. Also, she campaigned for kidnapping victims in Mexico. Also, she appeared on TV and demonstrated outside the White House.