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It was West Ham defender Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to kicking and slapping his pet cat. kurt zouma cat video twitter is trending as zouma is facing public backlash and sanctions from his club after a February 7 video posted on social media showing him abusing the cat.

He admitted two offences under the Animal Welfare Act at Thames Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) announced on March 16th that following an investigation, it had decided to move forward with prosecuting Zouma, 27, and his brother Yoann, 24.

Could kurt zouma cat video twitter face jail time?

The Metropolitan Police decided not to pursue the case in February, but Essex Police were working with the RSPCA on its investigation after the case was referred to them by their Surrey Counterparts.

The RSPCA has the ability under common law to prosecute individuals who are suspected of animal abuse or neglect. If the RSPCA investigation reveals a criminal act, it could result in the relevant authorities taking action.

Will kurt zouma cat video twitter makes him suspend?

West Ham did not suspend Zouma at the time and it is unlikely they will now though that could change depending on the outcome of the court case. The club issued the following statement, as published by the Press Association, after the RSPCA announced the decision to prosecute the player on March 16.   

Did kurt zouma lose his cat?

The RSPCA assumed custody of zouma’s two cats on February 9 and a statement on March 16th that indicated that they are still residing with the organization.

West Ham’s statement in February pointed out that it was a case of Zouma ‘delivering his family’s two cats to the RSPCA for assessment.’   

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kurt zouma cat video twitter

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