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Mery Liviero Onlyfans, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

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As the famous mery liviero onlyfans is trending, let you know that after the famous cooking show, the 26-yers old Roman singer signed up for the paid explicit content portal for funding her kitchen projects. Unfortunately, however, she was forced to file a complaint with the postal police.

mery liviero foto got extreme publicity. Mery Liviero was one of the competitors in the last edition of the master chef. After taking part in the famous cooking show, the 26-year-old Roman found a job at a ravioli shop in the capital. A job that she does not like, but that does not allow her to implement her projects economically.

mery liviero onlyfans and photo

Unfortunately, the OnlyFans experience was not entirely positive and the chef saw her photos circulating in WhatsApp chats without a veil. So, she immediately filed a complaint “I went through the postal police and my lawyers in Rome and Milan for the publication of my article private content on OnlyFans in an external forum,”- told Merry Liviero to Leggo.

“The person in question is being contacted in an uncomfortable but totally deserved way. So, you understand I am not kidding when you cross the line. We are talking about picture theft which is a serious offense.”  

About mery liviero onlyfans wiki

At Masterchef, in the edition that would later be won by Tracy Eboigbodin, Mery presented herself as a dynamic and curious girl, who is a sports competition lover and with a passion for tattoos, as well as of course cooking.

Also, in parallel with working in restaurants, she has also worked as a personal trainer. She is 26 years old and lives in Rome with her boyfriend Umberto, a dog, and a cat.        

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