Taylor Mosher Obituary: How did Taylor Mosher Died?

Taylor Mosher obituary- Taylor Mosher was the one who always had a smile on his face. She was quite popular and pretty too. She was the leader of her high school cheerleading team. Her nature was goofy and outgoing. She could light up a room. It was a Tuesday night that she wanted to make a cookie.

What happened for Taylor Mosher obituary?

It was 9:18 pm that she slid into her Honda Civic, pulled out of the driveway of her Route 146 home and went to the store for getting some dough.

After few seconds she turned onto the road and drifted across the double-yellow line and banged on oncoming SUV head-on. After few seconds, Taylor Mosher was declared dead.   

Taylor Mosher obituary- what her friends have said?

“I do not want this feeling of not believing that she is actually gone to ever go away.”- said one of her friends, Katy Conor. She added that at the scene pf the crash Wednesday afternoon. Behind her sunglasses, tears rolled down her face. “I never want it to settle in that she is actually gone. I do not want it to feel real.”

Taylor Mosher obituary location

Mosher’s death happened 500m from her home. The Saratoga Country Sheriff’s Office said it was still unclear why Mosher swerved across the road. The SUV’s driver, Thomas Czaban, 45, of Scotia was taken to Albany Medical Centre, where he is being treated for the injuries that happened to his leg and ribs. Czaban’s daughter, Helena, graduated with Mosher from Mechanicville High.

What her family has to say?

“This is a close-knit town,” said Denise Sidoti, who drove school buses for Mechanicville Central Schools with Mosher’s mother, Karen.

Karen Mosher Rocco died last July. She was 51 years old. Sidoti and Taylor’s friends said the cause was Cancer.

“It was just around this time last year that Keren started getting sick again,” Sidoti said. “That family has been through so much. It is so unfair.”