Watch 61 year old and 24 year old Couple leaked Video

61 year old and 24 year old love story– Age, race, religion, gender or color, nothing matters when two people are in love. Many love stories like that proved that true love comes with no boundaries. Today we speak about a same story like that. A twenty four year old Quran McCain, an American, having a 61 years old girlfriend Cheryl McGregor. They have an age gap of 37 years between them but they claim that the sands of time have not dried out the romance of their lives.  

The love story is quite unconventional. Cheryl has 17 grandchildren, and she met Mc Cain when he was just 15 years old. In fact, one of Cheryl’s sons is older than McCain. And the couple claims that their romance has not yet dried out. Rather they blossomed when McCain grew up. He and Cheryl used to shoot videos together on Tik Tok, the short-video App.

61 year old and 24 year old

As per the couple, once Cheryl was getting trolled very badly over a dance video when her co-producer McCain came to her rescue. Slowly, over time, he started hinting that he was romantically interested in her which is when they got into a relationship. The two got engaged and are extremely happy. However, the trolls that they are receiving online has not stopped yet and many has referred McCain’s “Grandma.”