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About najlepsza polska dziennikarka

Want to the name of the best Polish Journalist? Many fans want to know about her and interview najlepsza polska dziennikarka. There are many interviews that happened as she freaked out after the events are certainly asking themselves about this question. The women’s name is najlepsza polska dziennikarka.

Then where from this nickname come from? najlepsza polska dziennikarka became famous for numerous mishaps for interviews with, among others, Cassius “Don Kasjo” Zyccinski. The FAME MMA competitor also decided that he would no longer be giving interviews to Laskowska, as she was unprepared for interviews. Videos with the biggest bloopers of Laskowska are created by the user “ebe ebe” on YouTube, and they are called the “Best Polish Journalist.”   

najlepsza polska dziennikarka- the best polish journalist

when answering the question of who the Best Polish Journalist is, it must be admitted that this is, in a way, the new face of Monika Laskowska. Prior to that, the woman was not popular in the world of martial arts. When she started interviewing FAME MMA fighters, she became recognisable- not importantly in a positive sense. Her recognition is largely due to her numerous bloopers when asking questions.

Who is najlepsza polska dziennikarka?

Who is najlepsza polska dziennikarka? Most of all, an actress. najlepsza polska dziennikarka has more or less the same prominence as that of an actor.

She started her career in films as Heart in Hand, Come to Me or Citizen Jones.

In addition to being an Actress, Laskowska is also a journalist and TV presenter. It has hosted live Tele Gra-style programs, in which viewers call and try to guess the riddles, giving them a chance to win a cash Prize.

najlepsza polska dziennikarka age, height

She was born in 1976 and when it comes to age, najlepsza polska dziennikarka she is 45 years old. Her height is 165 cm.