Who was boombl4 girlfriend? Drug Accuses?

boombl4 girlfriend- It has been confirmed by the Former Natus Vincere in-game leader Kirill “boombl4” Mikhailov that he and his wife are getting divorced just over six months after proposing to her on the live broadcast at the Stockholm Major. The love story, where the Russian ask Lika “LiQueen” Mikhailova to marry him in the wake of na’Vi’s win in Sweden, had captivated the captivated the Counter-Strike crowd, but looks to have come to a sad and premature end.

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boombl4 girlfriend

The news broke like a wildfire across all social media platforms that included Telegram, VK and Twitter, with confirmations that the couple have no shared assets, and the divorce should be relatively quick. Unfortunately for the former Na’Vi’ man, who had the world at his feet a few short months ago, the fallout has been ugly, and the impact on his career decidedly negative.

boombl4 divorce

As the news of the divorce would go ahead being made public, his ex-wife took to social media with the intention of damaging his reputation as much as possible. Unconfirmed rumours about drug use have been spreading online, along with video appearing to show the same. Some accounts too claim LiQueen has leaked nude photos, or ‘revenge porn’ as it is known in some jurisdictions.

boombl4 has already tweeted that he intends that he take legal action regarding circulating videos and images, presumably through the Russian Court. There is apparently no current legislation related to revenge porn in Russia, but defamation can be tried as felony and punished with a large financial penalty or forced correctional labor.

About boombl4 girlfriend

Nothing much is known about boombl4 girlfriend. Her Instagram account is private too, but the biography has been changed to include her wedding plans with her “beloved Kirill Boombl4.” It only includes that she works in the health sector and uses the account as a blog.

She does not seem to be involved in esports or gaming in any way, but she surely supports her fiancé’s CSGO career, while mostly private, the pair have posted a handful of photos on social media.