Bible Season 5 Spoiler leaked on Miraculous Ladybug Subreddit

miraculous ladybug bible leaked- The news is circulated that miraculous ladybug bible leaked and that it has not gone public yet but a decent amount of people have it and are seeing it around.

All people are freaking out because while everyone so far has been spreading it via dms, it so only a matter of time before anyone leaks it publicly.

For everyone who does not know, a Bible in TV shows is a general outline of the season/series, so a season 5 Bible will be an outline for the entire season and essentially spoil, wait for it.. EVERYTHING.

So, keep an eye out! I have a lot of free time, so I am following this closely, and if it goes public, we will try and let you all know so you can put up the filters, but… yeah. If thing leaks it will be literal hell, so let us just hope it does not happen.

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Spoilers of Bible Season 5 that leaked on Miraculous Ladybug

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