Dayane Mello Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Dayane Mello- She is an extremely polarizing character and is known to be the villainess of the season and is the cause of most of the main house conflicts and dynamics specifically towards the end.

She was either loved or hated by the public as some thought that the inconsistency that she has in her attitude and the decisions that she makes are unbearable. While many other people were fascinated by her difficult life story and deemed her the most prominent character of the season.

About Dayane Mello

Starting the game as an under-the-radar personality, Dayane started to become a fan favorite after her conflict with Francesco Oppini, which caused her to isolate herself from most of the housemates and find shelter in her friendship with Rosalinda Cannavò.

The two women were extremely close, to the point where Dayane revealed she had felt love for her. Their relationship, however, became rockier as time passed: as Rosalinda got close to housemates Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando, who Dayane was not in a good relationship with, the latter decided to develop friendships with the newer entries of the House like Samantha de Grenet.

Dayane Mello season

In a pivotal movement of the season, Dayane decided to send long-time friend Rosalinda in a public vote against Stefania, in order to protect Samantha. The decision was extremely controversial and Rosalinda ended up being eliminated.

Reaching the finale thanks to the support of her dedicated fanbase, Dayane chose to challenge Pierpaolo Pretelli in the Final 4 public vote duel and was surprisingly eliminated, finishing in 4th Place.

Her treatment by both the housemates and the show itself was a topic of discussion in Brazil, Dayane’s home country, and a Brazilian audience started to support Dayane more and more both on social media and in the public votes, ultimately falling short in the finale.