Watch Canal Manaus Show Henrique e Juliano Leaked Video

Canal Manaus Show Henrique e Juliano it is conformed that on 17th April Henrique and Juliano land in Ponta Grossa for a super show. The artists will perform on a 360-degree stage. The organization takes the subscription of Rádio T and Mega Produções e Eventos. The details of the show will be announced next Monday (09). 

“We went up on stage to enjoy the moment we have with those people who came out of their homes to see us”, highlighted Henrique. The life of the brothers from the Tocantins is hectic with an average of 20 shows per month, from north to south of the country. Among the successful hits are a series of compositions that include “Take care of her”, “Until you return”, “Relapses”, and “Changing the subject”. 

The new hit is “Provisional Freedom” which topped Spotify’s top for several weeks. The song is part of the audiovisual record “Ao Vivo no Ibirapuera”, recorded in São Paulo. The most curious thing about this song is that it was a natural choice of the public. The duo took a poll on social media to find out which was the most awaited song from the project and “Liberdade Provisória” was elected with the highest number of mentions.

About Canal Manaus Show Henrique e Juliano

The lives of the brothers from Tocantins changed radically in a few months, at the beginning of 2014 their name appeared as the biggest promise of the year, but not even the most optimistic of predictions could imagine what actually happened to Henrique and Juliano since the recording of the second DVD.

: “Ao vivo em Brasília”, in April 2014. Since then, they have become the great names in country music today with an average of 20 concerts per month, from north to south of Brazil, the songs are always among the most played on the radio, and are the most expressive artists on the YouTube channel, the duo is about to hit 3 billion views, being the fastest-growing channel in Latin America.

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