Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Who is Mama Tot ‘s son Randon Lee killed during Alabama Shooting?

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Mama Tot aka Ophelia Nichols son Randon Lee was killed during a mass shooting in Alabama. Let us know about the news briefly.

Is Mama Tot son Randon Lee dead?

Yes, Mama Tot herself confirmed this news on her TikTok account that her son Randon Lee who was 18, was killed during a shooting in Alabama. A Brandon named guy who is 21 years old was reported as shooter of this mass shooting. He is detained by police under 2nd-degree accusations.

Mama Tot’s Statement

“I don’t really have a choice other than to do this. I think of myself as this normal person who just loves on people but I forget that have grown a family of almost 7 million via social media & am grateful for you all. Thank you for the continued prayers for myself, my husband, my children and our family.

“My son was taken from us last night by the hands of another individual at just 18 years old. He would be 19 today but Someone else made the decision to end my sons life. They are walking around in my town, living and breathing while my son is not. While me and my family are grieving a loss that no mother should ever have to feel, they are free.

“I have been up all night with this unrecognizable feeling of hatred in my heart for the person who ended my sons life and I can’t promise that will ever go away. I know the days ahead are completely unknown but the only hope I have, is that this person is found and prosecuted for the murder of my son…… My son,”

Friends, colleagues, officials and veterans are sending their condolences and tributes to the family in respect of his death. He will greatly be missed by everyone.

Mama Tot Video about her Son

Insta Id of Mama Tot: ophelianichols

TikTok ID: shoelover99

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