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What is Cem Küçük Video Controvery?

A random Twitter user affiliated with Sedat Peker published a video of Rasim Kaan Aytoğu, CEO of İhlas Holding and former AKP’s İzmir 2nd Region Deputy Candidate Candidate, having s*xual intercourse with 2 men.

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ABout Twitter

It’s consistently amusing to check in with SpaceX, Elon Musk’s most un-useless organization — hold up, what’s this? The laborers at SpaceX are vexed?

Last week, as first revealed by The Verge, a gathering of SpaceX laborers composed a letter to Musk about his tweets. “Elon’s conduct in the open arena is a successive wellspring of interruption and humiliation for us, especially as of late,” the letter states. “As our CEO and most noticeable representative, Elon is viewed as the substance of SpaceX — each Tweet that Elon sends is a true open assertion by the organization. It is basic to clarify to our groups and to our potential ability pool that his informing doesn’t mirror our work, our main goal, or our qualities.”

The arrangement was to hand-convey marks of the individuals who concurred with the letter to SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell, who really runs the organization. Certainly, Musk’s title is CEO, however he’s generally a spokesmodel (in spite of the fact that I guess he’s presumably likewise assumed the task of scolding the Starship specialists to speed up). Shotwell’s been working in aviation beginning around 1988, when Musk was still in school. Musk may be the “thoughts fellow,” however SpaceX is Shotwell’s show.

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This is self-evident looking at the situation objectively even a bit. Consider Tesla, which is the focal point of the majority of Musk’s consideration: continually in emergency mode, unequipped for fulfilling time constraints, and at present imagining that it’s assembling a Westworld knockoff robot. SpaceX isn’t like this! It’s likewise tormented by delays, yet it figures out how to satisfy its administration contracts. There’s significantly less show around SpaceX, which must mean Musk isn’t running it. Somebody who’s skilled at essential administration is — and that is Shotwell.

In any case, even Shotwell can’t keep Musk’s disorder from hitting SpaceX, particularly now that he’s taking steps to assume control over a significant virtual entertainment organization. Consequently, the letter, which prompted SpaceX terminating five individuals.

Shotwell composed an email conveyed to the whole organization that had a genuine crowd of one — her chief — taking note of that SpaceX had a great deal of work to do and describing the letter as disrupting SpaceX representatives’ “capacity to zero in on and go about their responsibilities.” No notice was made of the genuine issues raised by the representatives, like the claims that the organization’s “no butt hole” strategy isn’t genuine nor is its “zero-resistance” lewd behavior strategy. Nor was any notice made of Musk’s offered for Twitter, which provoked this pattern of Musk shitposting action, which, thus, made an interruption that slowed down SpaceX representatives’ capacity to zero in on their work.

The “zero-resistance” lewd behavior strategy is a specific issue for SpaceX since SpaceX purportedly paid $250,000 to an airline steward who says Musk presented his penis to her and proposed to get her a pony in the event that she gave him a sexual back rub. This doesn’t appear to be a zero-resistance strategy for inappropriate behavior; it appears to be a zero-resilience strategy for objections about inappropriate behavior.

Furthermore, moreover, Shotwell doesn’t think the case revealed by Business Insider is genuine: “I trust the charges to be bogus; not on the grounds that I work for Elon, but since I have worked intimately with him for a very long time and never seen nor heard anything looking like these claims,” Shotwell wrote in a different email that was additionally shipped off the entire organization. “Anybody who realizes Elon as I do, realizes he could never direct or excuse this supposed unseemly way of behaving.”

An organization paying out for its CEO’s terrible way of behaving is predictable with an unenforced “zero-resistance” inappropriate behavior strategy. Five previous specialists likewise claimed last year that SpaceX doesn’t view lewd behavior in a serious way. A previous mission reconciliation engineer likewise posted a paper where she portrayed being grabbed during her temporary job and determined lewd gestures during the remainder of her vocation there. “I detailed every occurrence of lewd behavior I encountered to HR, and nothing was finished,” composed Ashley Kosak, the previous representative, in her paper. “I was informed that is important of this nature were excessively private to talk about with the culprits transparently.”

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At any rate, back to this new letter. I couldn’t say whether these now-terminated workers will take their case to the National Labor Relations Board, however a few specialists The Verge addressed last week proposed their terminating was unlawful. Musk has previously had disagreements with the NLRB, which reprimanded him for against association movement at Tesla. As a component of its judgment against Musk, he was requested to erase a tweet. It is still live.

Without a doubt, one help Elon Musk has accommodated America is exhibiting precisely the way that sclerotic our lawful and managerial state really is. I have been trusting that NASA will say in a real sense anything about this residue up. I assume on the off chance that I stand by sufficiently lengthy, NASA will say this is “not proper way of behaving” very much as it did with the Joe Rogan weed thing, where Musk hit an unpolished on Rogan’s famous web recording. After an examination following said gruff hitting, NASA compensated SpaceX with a reward $5 million for “worker training.”

I got eager, sitting tight for NASA, so I messaged the organization to request a meeting about how it intends to deal with all of this. Representative Joshua Finch let me know that he’d attempt to get me a composed reaction yet didn’t think he’d have the option to fulfill my time constraint. Without a doubt, he didn’t.

This is somewhat of an off-kilter region for NASA, since NASA is likewise a young men’s club. As per a journal by Lori Garver, the second-in-order during the Obama organization, Garver was “called a revolting prostitute, a mother loving bitch, and a twat; told I want to get laid, and inquired as to whether I’m on my period or going through menopause” when her colleagues contradicted her.

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