How & when did radioshack twitter hacked

Rsadioshack Twitter hacked is heavily being searched by huge users and hence we have come to you with the article that says everything about this search. RadioShack is a large American retailer which sells electronic accessories, like radios, TV cables, headphones, charges and batteries.  

About Rsadioshack Twitter hacked

Twitter users were really confused when a number of weird things started being posted on RadioShack’s official Twitter account, which has 262,000 followers.

Most of the tweets have been deleted now, but there were some vulgar things about s*x, drugs, and other taboo topics.

After the raunchy tweets went viral, a post appeared revealing that the company wasn’t actually hacked after all.

We won’t insert any of them here as they’re quite explicit, but screenshots of the shocking tweets are flooding Twitter if you want to take a look.

“Shack intern here. I wanted to take a sec to reflect on my post. Ik your expecting me to say, in my wildest dreams I never thought that tweet would go viral and to apologize,” it said.