Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WATCH Kylie Strickland leaked Video

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kylie strickland leaked has been surfacing the internet and people are keen to the reason for its trend. People are extremely curious to know the actual matter of the viral video. Let us see what is there in the video.

About kylie strickland leaked

Kylie Strickland has over 260,000 followers on TikTok and her account is now set to private. The influencer has been at the centre of controversy after a video circulated online of her allegedly lifting her top and exposing her breasts to two boys in a swimming pool. It was recorded from a live broadcast on her own account. The ages of the children are currently unknown.

Strickland’s content, which typically focuses on humorous videos, has garnered over 7 million likes on her account. She is now in the midst of a massive reaction from TikTok users to the recently circulating videos and allegations.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office began investigating reports of the video on June 28 and said in a release that they “became aware of a TikTok video that has been circulated depicting an adult The woman shows the breasts of her two boys in the swimming pool. Others can be heard in the background and seen in the video.”

After the location of the video was determined, the Sheriff’s Office referred the investigation to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, where the incident occurred.

Watch Kylie Strickland Leaked Video

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